1) After signing up for Hotline2U, should I continue to call the random testing hotline myself? When can I stop calling?

Signing up for the service does not prevent you from also calling the random testing hotline. It makes sense if you want to continue calling the random testing hotline for a few days at the beginning of the free trial because it will give you a chance to verify that Hotline2U is successfully recording the same message that you hear. In a short time, you will get adjusted to the new routine of receiving the recorded message each day from Hotline2U and after gaining a better understanding of how the service works, you will then feel comfortable enough to stop calling the hotline separately.

2) Does signing up for Hotline2U prevent me from calling the random testing hotline?

No, signing up for the service does not prevent you from also calling the random testing hotline on any day. You can still call the hotline yourself anytime.

3) How reliable is the Hotline2U service?

Hotline2U is very reliable with a low failure rate. It's a computer based software program. It may not be 100% error free because there are some factors that are simply out of our control, like any problems with the random testing hotline itself. While we strive to make the service as close to perfect as possible, there are no guarantees. It's still ultimately the user's responsibility to call the random testing hotline, but Hotline2U is a great tool that handles the repetitive task of making the phone call each day and Hotline2U will likely save you when you need it most. We encourage you to sign up for the 14 day free trial, no credit card is required. During the free trial, you will become accustomed to receiving the Hotline2U notification around the same time each day and if any problem is detected with the recording, at the very least, the Hotline2U notification serves as an Alert or Reminder for you to call the hotline manually that day.

4) What happens if the random testing hotline is busy when the scheduled call is made?

If a busy signal occurs or any unsuccessful connection happens when the automated scheduled call is made, Hotline2U will continue to call the hotline until a successful call is made.

5) Does the text message notification work with any mobile phone?

No, in order to use the text message notification, the mobile device must be a SmartPhone like iPhone, Android, or Windows Mobile. The text message notification will not work with basic non-SmartPhones because a web browser and data service is required to listen to the recorded message.

6) When Hotline2U calls my random testing hotline, what telephone number is used as the Caller ID?

Currently, the first mobile number that you enter for mobile notification is used as the Caller ID.

7) Can I change my Hotline settings after the initial setup?

Yes, you can make changes anytime to the hotline settings, or any part of your account, by returning to the Account page of the website. For example, if your random testing telephone number changes or you want to change the time of day that you receive the text message/email.

8) If I miss the due date for the monthly payment, will my Hotline2U service be deactivated immediately?

No, there's a 10 day grace period beyond the payment due date to allow you time to make a payment. The Hotline2U service will continue as normal during the grace period. If a payment is not made by the end of the grace period, then the Hotline2U service will be discontinued. Making a payment past the due date does not change when the new month begins, the bill cycle date will remain the same.