About the Service

If you are required to call a Random Alcohol / Drug Testing Hotline on a regular basis, Hotline2U can help!

Hotline2U will make the phone call for you each day, record the Hotline message, and send the audio recording to you via text message and email.

Hotline2U is a computer based technology that automates the process of calling your random testing hotline. Our software program makes the phone call for you each day at the scheduled time of your choice and it records the same audio message that you hear when calling the random testing system. A link to the audio recording is then sent to you via text message and email, so that you can listen to it at your convenience.

We Send the Random Testing Hotline Message To You!


Hotline2U provides several benefits:


Hotline2U works with all random UA / drug testing systems:


$5 / month

(14 day free trial included - no credit card required)


Sample Recordings

Here are two examples of what to expect when you receive the recorded message from Hotline2U via text message and email:


After signing up for Hotline2U, should I continue to call the random testing hotline myself? When can I stop calling? Signing up for the service does not prevent you from also calling the random testing hotline. It makes sense if you want to continue calling the random testing hotline for a few days at the beginning of the free trial because it will give you a chance to verify that Hotline2U is successfully recording the same message that you hear. In a short time, you will get adjusted to the new routine of receiving the recorded message each day from Hotline2U and after gaining a better understanding of how the service works, you will then feel comfortable enough to stop calling the hotline separately.
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About Us

Life after a DUI / DWI / Drug offense can be very difficult; involving huge fines, loss of Driver's License, ignition interlock restriction, Alcohol Education classes, lengthy probation, higher insurance rates, monitored sobriety, etc. Hotline2U was created by somebody who experienced this adversity first-hand and he used it as a wake-up call to make improvements. It became apparent to him very quickly that one of the strictest requirements, for individuals dealing with similar consequences, is making a phone call to a random testing hotline every single day within a certain time frame. And to avoid additional penalties, he needed help remembering to make the phone call each day at the correct time. Hotline2U became the solution!

You too can take back some control; let us handle this part for you!