What is Hotline2u?

Hotline2U is an Auto-Dialer service for individuals who are required to call a Drug Testing Notification System for Random Drug & Alcohol Testing.

Hotline2U makes the phone call for you, then sends you a text message and email with a recording of the message.

If you are on DUI probation or other probation that requires you to call a Drug Testing Notification System for Random Drug & Alcohol Testing, Hotline2U will help!

We Send Your Random Testing Status to You!


Hotline2U provides several benefits:
  • Peace of Mind & Stress Relief - Hotline2U ensures you don't forget to call the Random Testing System, one less thing to worry about!
  • Compliance - You won’t have to explain to your Probation Officer that you missed a required Drug Test or UA Alcohol Test because you forgot to call the Random Testing System.
  • Backup Plan - You receive notifications by text message and email, so you’ll have more than one way to check your testing status. We will also send the message to a trusted person who is looking out for you.
  • Reference – Hotline2U saves a copy of previous messages


  • Hotline2U is compatible with the ‘Sentry’ Drug Testing Notification System. The Sentry system prompts for language selection, your ID number, and confirms the first 3 letters of your last name.


$5 / month

(14 day free trial included - no credit card required)


Sample Recordings

Here are two examples of what to expect when you receive the recorded message from Hotline2U via text message and email: